‘No confidence’ motion rejected, PR MPs walk out of Parliament in protest

July 14, 2008


This morning many Members of Parliament were delayed coming to Parliament because of various road blocks set up by the police.

This resulted in massive traffic jams all over the city. The problem was most pronounced with roads leading to Parliament.

Ipoh Timur MP, YB Lim Kit Siang, brought up the issue of the IGP had contravened the motion passed by Parliament that MPs should not be hindered from attending Parliament for every session.

YB Azmin Ali, PKR MP for Gombak, protested the allegation that Pakatan Rakyat was organising a demonstration at Parliament which was not true. He demanded YB Datuk Syed Hamid, the Home Minister, who was in Parliament, to show evidence that PR was involved in the alleged demonstration.

The Motion under Standing Order 18 (1) to discuss the issue of no confidence in YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi has been rejected by the Speaker under Standing Order 18 (7) which states that Tuan Yang Di Pertua may, in chambers, refuse to allow any motion submitted to him if Tuan Yang Di Pertua is satisfied that:-

(a) the mover intends only to take opportunity to address the House; or

(b) the matter has been discussed in the current session and clarification given by the government on the said matter; or

(c) any motion contravenes any of the provisions of the Standing Orders of the House.

As expected, the 18 (1) motion was rejected by the Speaker of the House, YB Tan Sri Pandikar Amin.

The Pakatan Rakyat MPs walked out of Parliament in protest. The walk-out will be for the whole day.

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