Questions Time, 09 July 2008

July 9, 2008

Head of government linked companies (GLCs) must be UMNO members?

Soalan No. 45: PR-1212-L13845

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [ Wangsa Maju ] minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan adakah telah menjadi polisi Kerajaan Persekutuan bahawa Pengerusi sesebuah syarikat seperti MAB, Sepang International Circuit dan lainlain di mana Menteri Kewangan mempunyai kepentingan, mestilah ahli UMNO dan adakah ini bermakna jawatan dalam syarikat tersebut hanya untuk ahli UMNO dan bukan rakyat Malaysia serta untuk Bumiputera tidak mengira fahaman politik.


Tuan Yang Di-Pertua,

Pengurusi GLC tidak semestinya ahli UMNO. Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, pemilihan seseorang calon sebagai Pengurusi sesebuah syarikat GLC, kewibawaan serta pengetahuan yang mendalam dalam sesebuah sector/industry di mana syarikat tersebut beroperasi dan bukannya berdasarkan kepada fahaman politik. In adalah bertujuan memastikan bahawa Pengurusi yang dilantik adalah berkelayakan dan berkemampuan untuk menerajui Lembaga Pengarah sesebuah syarikat GLC tersebut demi menjaga kepentingan semua pihak serta memastikan pengurusan syarikat dikendalikan dengan berkesan.


Just because YB Dato’ Mukriz, MP for Jerlun, was critical of the PM, many UMNO leaders called for him to be removed. Hence this question.

3 Responses to “Questions Time, 09 July 2008”

  1. no need.

    if there one, ask them to leave.

    many more are capable.

    they want salary as well.

    minister don’t have enough salary 5000 a month ?

    so, non-UMNO in the other company or private company not belong to malay also must make more job opportunity, so share with the malay, dayak, india, sikh and so no fight ? even mat saleh in shell also must give those hi power job to malaysian, why must they control everything ? what is the minimum wages, you must also ask what is the MAXIMUM wages, make all the same..10,000 everyone and minimum 4000.

    all use kancil, why not ?

  2. who is the man who has a father of laundry man, and turn politician wants to ask mukhriz to be removed? of course he has a father, i will defend my father !! but if i am every day look at ayam kampong play horses daily, I can’t be a good leader to run a country. Mukhriz is MRSm grads and eat and sleep in hardship with the father..i don’t know which crap like to swung on mahathir..just only few years he left, all thi sbecome like waht we are facing now, think. even guan eng cannot speak properly to talk to lee kuan yew singapore. dont talk rubbish tel this politician. read more on financial time how mukhriz answer questions. anyone who is good, bound to have satan against them. but in case of anwar and khairy is teh one, my question, we dont know math ka? the father is bad, son in law sure worst. read more on financial time. test his math. sure mukhriz is better than any mee rebus MP. look at his eyes.

  3. AND STOP CONDEMNING GOOD MALAYS. check on guan eng. ask him to debate with lee kuan yew. I CHALLENGE HIM.

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