Questions Time, 13 May 2008

May 13, 2008


Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] minta Menteri Pengakutan menyatakan selepas MAS mengambil alih perkhidmatan udara di kawasan pendalaman Sabah and Sarawak, adakah AirAsia telah membayar balik subsiedi sebanyak 60 juta RInggit kepada Kerajaan dan adakah AirAisa telah membayar semua hutnagnya kepada Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] to ask the Minsiter of Transport to state after MAS took over the rural air services for Sabah/Sarawak, whether AirAisa paid back the subsidy of about RM60 million to the government and whether AirAisa has paid up all its debts to Malaysia Airport Holdongs Bhd.


Tuan Yang DiPertua,

Rasionalisasi perkhidmatan udara domestik yang telah dilaksanakan oleh Kerajaaan Mac 2006 memperlihatkan perkhidmatan Udara Luar Bandar (Rural Air Services – RAS) ini deiserahkan kepada syarikat AirAisa Berhad, yang kemudiannya melantik syarikat Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) untuk mengalikan perkhidmatan ini mulai 1 Ogos 2006.

Memandangkan perkhidmatan ini adalah merupakan laluan obligasi social (social obligation route) di kwasan Sabah dan Sarawak dan perkhidmatan yang tidak ekonomik, maka Kerajaan akan menanggung sepenuhnya operasi RAS ini melalui subsidi Kerajaan. Oleh yang demikian, mana-mana operator/pengendali operasi RAS ini akan disubsidi penuh oleh Kerajaan dan subsidi tersebut tidak perlu dibayar balik.

Berhubung hutang AirAsia kepada Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad, adalah dimnaklimkan bahawa pihak AirAisa masih mempunyai hutang sebanyak RM5,443,746.00 dan ia adalah dalam proses pembayaran.


The above answers are most unsatisfactory because:

1. AirAisa fought very hard to get the RAS from MAS. If it is uneconomical why AirAsia fought so hard to get RAS from MAS!

2. Prior to operating the RAS under AirAisa subsidiary (FAX) the government immedately paid more than RM60 million to AirAisa.

3. After AirAsia operating the RAS under FAX, there were too many complaints from Sabah and Sarawak state government because of unsatisfactory services.

4. In October 2007 AirAisa (FAX), after 1 year and 2 months, and was unable to perform any longer and Ministry of Transport had to come in and ask (order) MAS to take back the RAS from AirAsia i.e. to rescue AirAsia.

5. Prior to taking over the RAS from AirAsia, MAS did an audit. Out of the 8 aircrafts one of them has been cannibalized and the other 7 were un-airworthy. It cost the government about RM35 million to rebuild the aircrafts in question. The BN government paid RM35 million to MAS for the rebuilding of the said aircrafts.

6. The Minister of Transport has not revealed how much were the total direct and indirect subsidies the Government has given to AirAisa.

7. I believe that the amount owed by AirAsia to Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAB) is more than RM5,443,746.00.

8. I also believe that AirAisa also owed MAS and Petronas many millions of Rinngit for fuel cost.

9. The question is why the Government did not instruct MAB, MAS and Petronas to demand for repayment of all the debts owed by AirAsia to the said government agency and GLC.

10. There is no need for the government to build another airport just for the use of low cost carriers in particular AirAsia. Even as it were there were not many flights arriving at and departing from LCCT. The government should not use taxpayers money to help out a private company.

11. Question should be asked who is the agent for Airbus company in Malaysia. Sources has it that the agency for Airbus company in Malaysia is connected to the son of an UMNO high ranking politician.

12. In United States, 2 low cost carriers (Sky West and Aloha) have collapsed. In Hong Kong, Oasis has collapsed recently. In India, several low cost carriers are in financial trouble. I hope that in the event that any airline is in trouble, the BN government must not involve in any bail out exercise.

13. During the 12th General Elections AirAsia chief executive officer, Datuk Tony Fernandes, took part in political campaign for BN’s Ministers. He was seen taking part in making speeches during the general election campaigns.

3 Responses to “Questions Time, 13 May 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Government was subsidising AirAisa all the way. The reason given was unacceptable. Providing the RAS for 12 months and AirAsia got RM60 million, which is equivalent to about RM4.39 million a month. I definitely cannot find a better business to do.

    How about the Rm35 million spent by thegovernment to rebuild the 7 aircraft to make them airworthy? I am very shocked by all the revealtions on AirAsia.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How shocking that the government is using tasxpayers money to subsidise a private company, which is unrelated to the government directly or indirectly.

    Whose interest is the government trying to protect? Is it the crony of certain BN leaders?

    The BN never learnt from the political tsunami of 8th March! So we have to really knock them out altogether in the 13th GE.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    And yet his honourable Mr. Fernandez had the temerity to cry foul over subsidies MAS is purportedly receiving from the government. That’s rich.

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