Strictly parliamentary proceedings

March 10, 2008

Watch this space. It is strictly reserved for parliamentary proceedings that will relate to matters concerning Wangsa Maju and/or matters of national interest.

When Parliament session begins,
real work
will begin!

First session of 12th Parliament will begin on 28 April 2008.

11 Responses to “Strictly parliamentary proceedings”

  1. zaidi Says:

    saya melihat berita sebentar tadi ada satu pembunuhan disetapak permai,yang ada kait dgn kumpulan semsang.Saya tak faham danau kota ada balai polis dimana banyak kereta pronda yang terletak saja? adakah balai itu satu bilik pameran kereta pronda, Yang mana ia sama dgn papan tanda rakan cop yg terpacak saja utk orangramai melihat! Soalan saya untuk apakah dan tujuan apakah balai tersebut?

  2. Old Fart Says:

    Selamat Era Baru

    Congratulations Wee! I want to remind you of the little conversation I had with you at the Blog House on the endorsement by all the Barisan Rakyat Parties of The People’s Declaration

    I had told you that all of you have bought into having the label “Opposition” hard wired in your heads so that you only see yourselves as opposition. I told you evenn you guys tend to refer to BN and government interchangeably and synonymously so that we all tended to see them as one and that we need to oppose it.

    You bought into what I said and agreed that that mind set needed changing.

    I hope when you walk in to Parliament you walk in as the protector of the government. The government is the government of the people. It is not a Barisan Nasional government that they can do what they want with it. The BN is an entity that is different from the government itself.

    The people need to be educated of this so that we can all, and especially those who serve in the government, whether in the administrative services or the uniformed forces, begin to see the distinctiveness of the two entities.

    You are not going into parliament as an opposition party. You are going in as the protectors and defenders of the Government charter to serve the people.

    For a start I would like you to impress your colleagues who will be taking their places with you in parliament that this is their role. It is not about providing a better opposition. Please, both in Singapore and in Malaysia it has been hardwired into our heads that “opposition” what do they know about ruling. Like as if you lot are diseased. Problem is that all this while you also succumb to that description of yourselves and have found comfort in residing within that description. Even Anwar talks in terms of Opposition.

    I would like to believe there is no opposition. What is needed is the people requiring you to protect the independence of government from the ravages of those ruling over it.

    Just a reminder. In the west political parties are divided into Left and Right. And you have the extreme left and extreme right and the liberals who sit in between. In Malaysia and in Singapore its Government and the opposition.

    Please completely change that misconception and the vocabulary used in describing your roles and positions. I will love to talk about this with you more if you want.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Wee,
    Congratulations on your winning.

    One term is a very little time to work on all our problems but I do believe in miracles.

    Firstly I would like to bring to your attention
    1. Something fishy with town planning in the Setapak area especially around Taman P. Ramlee and the surrounding areas. How can there be so many developments especially condominiums with so little parking around. Are the town planners sleeping as the congestions is getting very bad and hardly to find parking during the day.
    2. With killing happening around Prima Setapak /apartments and TAR areas, Could we suggest that a police post be located and actual police manning the post. At least the police can act fast and not come after a death has occurred. We don’t need these police man sitting around the Balai on their fat ass! We want to see them on our local street with the rakyat. Hopefully these samseng will not create problems.

    I hope miracles will happen soon again

  4. hak & layan sama Says:

    Hi MP Wee,

    Congratulations on our winning and people power.

    I am personnely hope you will do the best for us.

    thank you,

  5. Anonymous Says:

    YB Wee

    Congratulations fr your winning at Wangsa Maju Parliament

    Best regards

  6. Alan Says:

    It seems you’re the most efficient of the MPs. You’ve even reserved a blog for Parliament.

    Before, I had negative perception of you. Now, it has change a bit positively.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Wee Choo Keong Says:

    Hi my brothers and sisters,

    Your comments are noted. I will do whatever is necessary. Please bear with me as I get into the groove of things in Wangsa Maju.

    Please continue to walk with me and give me your help and support.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    YB Wee,
    Please highlight in Parliament why TM employees picket 3 times during Dato’ Abdul Wahid Omar’s era?

    Also investigate on the selling of Telekom’s ‘Menara TM’ and 3 other buildings!

  9. busybee Says:

    Why is the parking fee around Menara MPAJ costs RM2per hour whereas at MBPJ City Council Building it only costs 60cents? Does this encourage access to public service.

  10. sherrina Says:

    Dear YB,
    Firstly, may I suggest that you make a space in your blog where people can make complaints or suggestions or inform u bout anything related to Wangsa Maju. It’s better to put all related to it in one place, easier to read and response.

    Secondly, I saw your flag and poster still hanging on tree in Taman Melati (along the road where the fire station is located). Please remove it before people use it as an issue to against u.

    Lastly, good luck. You do need it badly. Looking at the crime rate in Wangsa Maju alone, I bet you have to work harder than previous YB. You have our support :)

  11. Shah Says:

    Greetings YB Sdr. Wee,
    Its nice to see an elected Rep of the people coming back to the people who voted him/her in to office of YB to get feedbacks. It’s very encouraging YB. Keep doing this good work and I assure you the people of Wangsa Maju
    would want you here for good.
    Once again good work YB.

    God bless all

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